Abnormally Wet April 2013

Rainfall for April was beyond expectations as record breaking totals were recorded at both the Canefield and Melville Hall Airports within the past 30 years.

At Canefield, 203.6mm/8.02in or a little more than 3 1/2 times the normal rainfall was recorded. This is the highest total for April since recordkeeping began. Moisture and instability associated with a trough system lingered in the area from the 17th to 21st dumping 117.5mm/ 4.63in of rainfall at the airport by the 20th. The maximum daily total was 39.2mm/ 1.54in on the 20th. This is closely followed by the 38.4mm/ 1.51in recorded on the 18th.

A total of 684.4mm/ 26.94in of rainfall was recorded at Melville Hall during the month. This is almost 4 times the monthly average. This is the second highest monthly total for April on record; surpassed by 772.9mm/ 30.43in recorded in 1981. The rains began in earnest on the 16th resulting in a total of 429.7mm/ 16.92in by the 20th. The maximum daily total of 129.4mm/ 5.09in on the 17th was quickly followed by 129.2mm/ 5.09in on the 18th.

The abnormal rainfall amounts resulted in flooding and landslides in various communities around the island. Two persons lost their lives when their vehicle plunged into a 40ft gully created on the Pond Casse main road in the centre of the island on the 19th of April 2013.

Posted: 08/05/2013