Drier Than Normal Wet Season Expected

As it relates to Dominica, above normal dry conditions were observed in April and May. These dry conditions have impacted farming across the island. Additionally, more bushfires were observed.

Rainfall totals, number of wet days and wet spells for the June to August period in the Caribbean is likely to be below normal. See below. Some of the islands in the region are already in long-term drought while others remain in short-term drought. These islands have suffered significant water shortages. With a late start to the rains, these water shortages are expected to persist into the wet season. The CariCOF outlook predicts some impactful drought across the island by the end of the wet season.

The El Nino phenomenon which is driving these dry conditions is expected to persist and even strengthen during the wet season, resulting in below - normal rainfall amounts and higher temperatures.

Figure 1 Jun-Jul-Aug Rainfall Outlook Figure 2 Drought Outlook at end of Wet Season