2015 Dry Season Outlook

2015 Seasonal Outlook From December, Dominica's weather transitions into the dry season which runs from January to May. During this period, there is significantly less rainfall amounts, drier days (lower relative humidity), cooler temperatures and stronger breezes. Generally fair weather prevails until May.

This dry season has commenced with below normal wet season rainfall at Douglas-Charles and normal rainfall amounts at Canefield. Seasonal predictions have suggested that hydrological drought will be of significant concern to Dominica. The possibility of this happening lies largely with an evolving El Nino. This phenomenon remains relatively weak at present and normal to above normal rainfall is being forecast and observed thus far this season. Most of the island's rainfall is due to its mountainous topography as low level clouds moving with the trade winds produce precipitation. However, due to the deficits experienced during the wet season in some parts of the island, the public is being asked to conserve water and to keep updated for changes which can occur.